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Last updated on:September 21, 2020
  1. Gives lots of discount codes
  2. Fast delivery time
  3. Great refund policy
  1. The website doesn’t look as professional as others
  2. Name isn’t appealing
  3. Prices are a bit higher

Compared to other marketplaces, U4gm is quite a hidden gem. Whether it’s simply because of its name we don’t know for sure, but what we do know is that you should at least consider buying WoW Classic gold from them because of their fast and efficient service. U4gm is a marketplace that focuses mainly on in-game currency, items, and accounts from all kinds of games. Here, you’ll be dealing with U4gm themselves, not multiple sellers like in other websites. This means that you’ll be sure to get whatever you purchase without the hassle of having to pester the seller to give you what you’ve already paid for. Believe it or not, this is beneficial for sellers as well. Sellers won’t sell to the potential buyers, but will instead sell their products to U4gm directly. If you’re planning to sell some in-game assets, you’ll probably have to lower your initial price a bit since U4gm has to make a bit of profit, but at least you’ll be saving your time and effort compared to having to wait for a buyer to show up—which could sometimes take weeks. But besides that, what does U4gm have to offer? Is it a safe place for people to buy all things game related? Find out the answer to those questions in our U4gm review!

u4gm review


What is U4gm?

U4gm is a marketplace that’s focused on selling gold for MMORPG games such as WoW Classic. It was established in 2016 by GAME&BOX LIMITED, a company that is located in London, United Kingdom. During the first year, the business was slow and they only had ten staff members to accommodate customers. But as the years went by, U4gm slowly grew to be a reliable website for people to buy and sell all sorts of things such as WoW Classic gold. This resulted in them hiring more than a hundred staff members to further broaden their horizons. U4gm takes pride in offering their customers the best shopping experience. With more than thirty thousand customers from around the world, they’ve begun to become the go-to marketplace for some people.


Is buying WoW Classic gold from them safe?

u4gm review

While their website may be off-putting to some since it’s not as professional looking as other well-known places to buy and sell, U4gm is a site that you can rely on when it comes to purchasing WoW Classic gold. They have a dedicated staff that’s specifically working on deliveries and they also adopted a face-to-face trade method that they fully take responsibility for. It’s easy to get a hold of them if you have any additional questions before you take the plunge as well thanks to their 24/7 customer support. They also have different e-mails which you can contact for specific reasons like buyer complaints, sales cooperation, and many more. Altogether, U4gm is a safe haven for those who are looking to buy WoW Classic gold without the needless hassle or fuss.

What are the benefits of using U4gm?

u4gm review

First of all, they have a refund policy that most marketplaces don’t. In U4gm, you can have your order refunded as long as the items haven’t been delivered yet, no questions asked. This policy not only entices buyers to at least try and order a few items, but it also relieves them of instances wherein they’ll be charged even though the order didn’t push through. U4gm encourages people to re-order on their website at any time which, in our opinion, is a great tactic to reel in customers. You can learn more about their refund policy here.

Another benefit is that you have the option of becoming a U4gm VIP member that lets you avail of all sorts of nifty rewards. These include having a lifelong VIP discount, VIP priority when buyers items, one-to-one service, an instant refund (should the delivery not push through), and have greater chances of getting picked whenever U4gm hosts a contest. There are currently five types of VIP members. Depending on how much you spend on their website, you’ll be able to “level up” until you reach the highest VIP title. You can learn more about being a VIP member here.

Lastly, U4gm has lots of payment methods to choose from. Most marketplaces mainly use PayPal or a credit card as ways to pay for the items, but U4gm has more than that. Currently, U4gm has payment methods such as Skrill, Alipay, and Paysafe—all of which are good choices. The diversity is helpful for international buyers that don’t really have a PayPal or credit card to use since they can opt for other services instead.


How are U4gm’s prices for WoW Classic Gold?

u4gm review

Upon entering the website, you’ll be immediately greeted by banners that have discount codes that you can use for certain games.

Compared to other sites, U4gm’s prices for WoW Classic gold is more than fair. They make sure that whatever they get from sellers are assets that are legally obtained. If you’re in a bit of a pinch, U4gm drops discount codes like crazy, so you can use those to at least get 5% off your order.

Final Thoughts

U4gm is a marketplace that you can place your trust in. They get the job done. With reviews nearing up to a hundred thousand, most of their deliveries take less than 10 minutes. While they might look suspicious to some since their website isn’t as optimized, we assure you that getting your WoW Classic gold here is worth it.

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