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Published on September 22, 2020

should you buy wow gold here?

Is AOEAH the right marketplace for you to purchase some World of Warcraft gold? Find out the answer in our AOEAH review as we talk about the website and its services in a more in-depth manner.

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Who is AOEAH?

AOEAH is a marketplace where you can either buy or sell your in-game assets. Besides WoW Classic Gold, there are a lot of games listed on their website which you can delve into.

From the usual stuff you see in other buy and sell websites like Old School RuneScape and Path of Exile down to more obscure titles like Temtem even World of Tanks Blitz, you can say that AOEAH is a jack-of-all-trades. Their headquarters is based in London. AOEAH takes pride in giving its customers the best shopping experience topped with first class service.

What’s great about AOEAH is that they consistently add new games to their library. For example, Animal Crossing is one of the most popular Nintendo Switch games right now and people are selling all kinds of items like themed furniture and even its currency, Bells. AOEAH caught on right away and added the game to their website, drawing even more customers to them.

They also delete games that aren’t all that relevant anymore though, so if you’re thinking of say, purchasing something like NBA 2K18, then you’re out of luck. This is where other marketplaces shine like PlayerAuctions.

Compared to AOEAH, they have over 200 game titles in their library, so you can find almost any game under the sun there. While AOEAH doesn’t necessarily have to match that amount, it would have been better if they stretched their library a bit further.

AOEAH features its most popular games on their home page, making it easy for customers to spot what they’re looking for. If you can’t find your game of choice, the list of other games in AOEAH can be found on the side.

AOEAH games

What are the perks of buying from AOEAH?

Despite being a smaller marketplace compared to others, AOEAH is generous when it comes to giving discounts to its customers. For starters, they have a membership program that you can join.

From there, there are five membership levels that you can climb: VIP 1, VIP 2, VIP 3, VIP 4, and VIP 5. The VIP 1 tier is for people who have spent less than 500 USD on their website, but at the very least they’ll get to enjoy a 1% discount on every order. Meanwhile, the highest membership tier, VIP 5, will let customers of this VIP level get a 5% discount off their order provided that you’ve already sunk in more than 5,000 USD on their website.

While it’s not much by any means, it’s great to see AOEAH to at the very least give a discount for their newcomers. You can find more information about their membership here. Another incentive is that if you like their Facebook page, you can get a 3% discount code for your purchase!

There are many ways to get a discount when purchasing something from AOEAH, and this is one of them. While holiday discount codes expire after a while, AOEAH makes an effort to always let the customer save a little bit of money.

Signing up or liking their page isn’t just one way to get discounts though. AOEAH also provides discount coupons on special holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. They churn these out pretty consistently, so be sure to check out their site during holidays to see if they have a discount code to give out.

Can I Sell WoW Classic Gold on AOEAH?

Unfortunately, you can’t be a seller of their website per se. Instead, you’ll be selling your goods directly to AOEAH themselves.
While you won’t be able to earn as much since you can’t exactly name your price, you’ll be guaranteed to get your money since you’re dealing with an official site.

Besides selling stuff for real cash, you can trade your items for game credits if you’d rather have more in-game currency rather than money. AOEAH is very easy to communicate with as well. They have their own Discord channel should you prefer to use that platform, but you can also contact them through Skype.

Since their online service is 24/7, you won’t have a problem finding someone to talk about your inquiries with. Their Customer Support is powered by Zendesk which is commonly used by other marketplaces as well.

IS AOEAH Safe to Buy from?

As it stands, AOEAH has more than 8,000 reviews on Trustpilot with a 4.0 rating, making it an easy recommendation for us if you’re looking for a safe website to buy WoW Classic gold or other in-game items and currencies. Their recent reviews mostly consist of 5-star reviews, and while there are some 1-star ones, their manager makes sure to follow up to those people in order to help them with their orders.


AOEAH is a worthy marketplace that should be on your list of websites to buy in-game assets from. The discounts that they give out to their members are a huge help in terms of saving a bit of money and they’re generous when it comes to providing discount codes for first-time users. Granted they don’t have every online game on their website, AOEAH compensates for it by providing good service for both buyers and sellers.

Overall, if you’re looking for a place to purchase anything in-game related, AOEAH is a great site that you might find yourself coming back to time and time again.

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