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Our team knows that gold selling may be a tricky business, but noone can deny that it’s profitable. Be sure to check out our reviews on the best gold selling sites, so you can have the best experience in buying WoW gold. However, be aware that WoW Classic gold is a different beast altogether. While the same basic principles apply, there is a whole different economy that functions in a completely different way.
Read our tips, farm WoW gold and don’t forget to have fun on your adventures in Azeroth!

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Everything that we write about on this website is solemnly based on our personal experience. The bired and opinions expressed on this website are those of the authors and do not reflect the official policy of Blizzard. 

Our Story

As long-time WoW players (we have been playing together since 2014), one day each of us started wondering whether there could have been a place to possibly sell World of Warcraft gold? One of us also sneakily googled “where can I buy cheap WoW gold”?

Of course, we found loads and loads of market places offering to buy and sell WoW gold, but it was pretty hard to filter which ones are trustworthy and which ones are better to avoid.

Our Mission

All in all, we’re not just a WoW gold sellers review place that checks out the best WoW gold sites, but we also show you just how safe it is to buy WoW gold and how to buy gold in WoW without getting banned.

If you’re looking for the website to purchase WoW gold, then WoW Gold Portal gets the job done as the place to check out all of the websites that could potentially be your main market to get in-game currency.

Our Team

holy Paladin, human

Peter Moore

During the Second War, his whole village was whiped out by the Horde army. He tracked down the responsible commander and killed him.

affiction Warlock, gnome

jacob hill

He has always been the smallest one among his peers. He learnt to draw demonic power and grew stronger with every victim than they could ever be.

feral druid, night elf

Ana Lopez

The Orcs took her land and killed her family. After many years of study and hard work, she has finally earned her place in the Cenarion Circle.

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