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Published on March 24, 2021

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While most World of Warcraft third-party sites are chiefly geared towards selling WoW gold, Overgear is one of the less common sites that mainly focus on Wow boosting rather than main WoW and WoW Classic gold. There are others like them, but they are one of the best-known and the biggest of the bunch. In this Overgear review, we’ll check their pros and cons as well as how they fare against the competition.

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What makes MmoGah special?

Overgear has a rather humble, fun-filled, and earnest beginning. A group of friends that grew up playing World of Warcraft, their current marketing was working at McDonald’s as a day job and boosted people back then. Upon realizing that he was earning more from boosting than his main job, he and his friends started working as a team and went from a simple boosting sideline into working for different WoW boosting sites.

After gaining knowledge and experience under more organized methods of WoW boosting, Overgear was formed. The site offers a variety of boosting services, and most of them are perfect for both completely new players and returning ones, as you can choose to level up from 1 to 120. Overgear can finish the process in just 8 to 48 hours, depending on your choice. The shorter the time, the higher the price.

On the other hand, if you are currently playing WoW and simply want some help getting from level 110 to 120, they offer a boosting service specifically for that too. Besides character level, Overgear also does iLvl boosting services. Currently, they can take you to somewhere between iLvl 400-465. With this, you can start running the toughest endgame content once the boosting is done.

Overgear also offers more unorthodox boosting services such as PVP boosting and Mythic +. They do quests and farming, and even obtain mounts on your behalf, making the site a one-stop-shop for all sorts. If there’s something that can be obtained through grinding, then Overgear can get it for you–for the right price.

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On top of character level and iLvl boosting, some offers by Overgear include both leveling and items. This is a good way to get both deals with just a single site.

Overgear has an impressive 5/5 star rating at TrustPilot.

Can I Buy WoW Gold from Overgeaer?

Yes. Despite WoW boosting being their forte, they also sell mainline WoW and WoW classic gold. They sell gold through gold reselling, which means they buy gold en masse from sellers and farmers and then sell them for a profit.

If you’d rather buy from a site rather than through players, Overgear is a good choice.

Is Overgear safe to buy WoW gold from?

Given the site’s track record, which is a perfect 5 rating in Trustpilot, it’s safe to say that it’s safe to buy WoW gold from Overgear. The fact that their main method of real-life moneymaking through WoW is boosting, which requires much trust from customers in order to succeed, is somehow an indicator of their trustworthiness as gold sellers as well.

Can I Sell WoW Gold on Overgearl?

You can sell WoW gold on Overgear. However, because they make money through gold reselling, you will be selling your gold to them instead of selling it directly to another player on the site. Keep in mind that you’ll be selling it to them at their preferred price, so if you would rather earn more by completely cutting out the middleman, then Overgear is not the place for you.

However, if you’d rather save time, effort, and yourself from the risk of getting scammed, then it’s right where you should be.

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Overgear also offers a host of other games on top of WoW.

What Other Games does Overgear Cater to?

Other than mainline World of Warcraft and WoW Classic, Overgear also services players of other games, such as Path of Exile, Destiny 2, Escape from Tarkov, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and Valorant. Also, much like in World of Warcraft, they chiefly offer boosting services, but also sell items and in-game currency in applicable titles.

Given their track record, it’s not unlikely for them to deliver just as well in these games as they do in World of Warcraft. However, it is more recommended that you obtain services for these games from third-party sites that don’t have one game they’re focused on, or those that are focused on these games.

How is Their Customer Service?

What makes Overgear’s customer service unique is that it’s right on the front page. No need to navigate–you simply have to click on the chat icon to start telling them your concerns or giving them your feedback.

Other than the usual complaints, troubleshooting, and feedback to boosters, customer service, and your overall experience either as a buyer or a seller, you can also tell customer service if you have specific requests.


All in all, Overgear’s reputation isn’t simply because of its branding. Rather, they’ve put in the work and have built much trust–literally. Their services are definitely worth trying out, even at least once. We hope you found this Overgear review useful. Feel free to check out our other site reviews!

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