Death Knight Class Overview for WoW Gold Hunters Part 2

Death knights were introduced in Wrath of the Lich King. The criterion for creating a death knight is the existence of a level 55+ character on the player’s account on any realm. Find out more about the gameplay mechanics and the rune system of the death knight class for your WoW gold hunter account in the article below.

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The Death Knight Class for WoW Gold Hunters

As mentioned previously, the death knight is a name shared by several organizations of powerful necromancers. These orders share a few things in common, such as riding horses with horned skulls and many of the same abilities. They boast powerful melee abilities, as well as plate armor which they can purchase when players buy WoW gold. Death knights optimize their strength through dark magic. Calling upon a rune system of magic, the death knight may summon unholy, blood, and frost spells. Playable death knights, however, are strictly to the Scourge. Players of the Pandaren race cannot choose this class as well.

Death Knight Gameplay Mechanics for WoW Gold Hunters

The death knight is considered to be a hybrid melee class that combines damage dealing and tanking, somewhat akin to the warrior archetype in most MMORPGs. They wear plate armor and are able to either dual-wield or use two-handed blade weapons, as well as maces. Much like druids and monks, they are able to tank without the use of shields. Their tanking mechanics involve high armor and a high chance to parry. Death knight tanks depend greatly on a combination of high damaging abilities, in addition to high threat abilities. The different specializations will be discussed at a later article.

Death Knight Rune System for WoW Gold Hunters

Death knights utilize a unique rune-based resource system for their various spells and abilities. There are three rune types: blood, frost, and unholy. Each of these rune types come with an attached color and symbol. Using certain abilities exhausts one or more runes, starting a cooldown of 10 seconds. After the cooldown, the runes refresh. There is a haste stat that significantly reduces the cooldown of runes. Death knights can also use spells to turn a rune into a Death Rune, which can be used as a blood, frost, or unholy rune. In addition to this, whenever they use a rune ability against a foe, it builds up a certain amount of Runic Power. Runic Power is consumed by certain abilities, which the death knight can use while his or her runes are on cooldown. Death knights cannot reallocate the number and type of runes – they are fixed to two runes of each type.

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