WoW Pets from Garrison Buildings Guide Part 1

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There are tons of WoW pets to be had in Warlords of Draenor. This guide aims to take you in the right direction and list down all Garrison pets you can obtain.

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WoW Pets: The Menagerie

This is the most important building for any pet collector or avid pet battler. Achievement hunting, leveling the building itself, completing specific tasks, and a whole bunch of other stuff will reward a Big Bag of Pet Supplies. This item provides one of the following WoW pets: Albino Chimaeraling, Firewing, Ghastly Kid, Puddle Terror, Sun Sproutling, Sunfire Kaliri, Weebomination

The Level 1 Menagerie can only ever be constructed inside a level 3 Garrison and requires a number of pets before you are able to gain access to it. Finish Pets Versus Pests to defeat Carrotus Maximus, Gorefu, and Gnawface in your Garrison.

  • Upgrade your plot to level 2 with Menagerie, Level 2 for 1,000.
  • Upgrade your plot to level 3 with Draenic Pet Battler (win 500 Draenor Pet Battles) and Menagerie, Level 3 for 1,000.

While you will get the bulk of exclusive WoD-Garrison pets from the Menagerie, those aren’t the only ones you can obtain.

WoW Pets from Other Garrison Buildings

Engineering Works

Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar, Mechanical Axebeak, and Mechanical Scorpid:

  • Three pets are obtainable from a Level 3 Engineering Works building IF you are not an Engineer.
  • If you ARE an Engineer, then you don’t even need the building at all! Instead, you can buy from the three WoW Pets from the profession vendors at the cost of 1 daily crafting item per pet. This daily crafted item is the Secret of Draenor Engineering each, which can be purchased from profession vendors at your Ashran faction hub or garrison building. They can be crafted at skill level 1.
  • Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar costs 50 Gearspring Parts and 40 Sumptuous Fur, Mechanical Axebeak costs 50 Gearspring Parts, and Mechanical Scorpid costs 30 Gearspring Parts and 10 Blackrock Ore. These are all incredibly easy mats to obtain.

Inn / Tavern

Everbloom Peachick and Sentinel’s Companion:

  • Via a Level 1 Lunarfall Inn / Frostwall Tavern, you will gain access to a random NPC per day that will give you a dungeon daily. Two of these quests reward pets: For the Birds and The Huntresses.
  • For the Birds requires you to go to the Everbloom.
  • The Huntresses requires you to go to the Shadowmoon Burial Grounds.
  • Simply do both quests and you’ll attain the pets in no time.

There are many more WoW items to obtain in garrisons and they all aren’t just pets. There’s also the option to buy WoW items from the auction house, but these can be obtained with some patience and perseverance. Stay tuned for the next part.

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