WoW Pets from Garrison Buildings Guide Part 3

Continued from WoW Pets Guide Part 2


Ore Eater:

  • From time to time, the Goren that attack you while you are gathering in your mine has a small chance to drop this specific WoW pet. The Goren also only have a chance to spawn whenever you mine from a node, so this is definitely not a sure thing.
  • The Level 1 Mines on both factions can be built once you reach at least level 92 with a Level 2 Garrison. Simply head to where the mines are and proceed to finish the quest in order to unlock it.
  • The higher level your Mines are, the bigger the chances of encountering Goren from mining nodes due to higher levels having more nodes.
  • To get a Level 2 Mines, purchase the blueprint for 1,000 Garrison resources.
  • To get a Level 3 Frostwall Mines, purchase the blueprint for 1,000 Garrison resources after hitting 100 and completing Draenic Stone Collector, requiring you to mine for a set number of ore.

Fishing Shack

Land Shark:

  • This pet costs 50 Nat’s Lucky Coin and requires Good Friends reputation with Nat Pagle. It’s a pain in the ass if you don’t like fishing.
  • You MUST have a level 3 Fishing Shack in order to recruit Nat Pagle.
  • Nat Pagle will have a daily quest available for you once recruited that awards 1 Nat’s Lucky Coin and a bit of friendship for him. He also possesses the Angler trait that let’s you fish lunkers without the need for bait.
  • You can create a Level 1 Fishing Shack at 94 after a short quest chain, upgrade it to Level 2 with a blueprint, and to level 3 at 100 after you complete Draenor Angler, similar to the Draenic Stone Collector Achievement.


Pygmy Cow:

  • When you have your Barn at Level 3, you will gain access to a second floor where you can loot a Glass of Warm Milk. Using said item will teach you how to summon the Pygmy Cow pet. It’s really that simple.
  • But attempting to get to the 2nd story is tricky due to its inherent inaccessibility and the lack of flying mounts in WoD. You need some sort of trinket or engineering toy to boost you up there. There are multiple ways to do this, so it’s up to you to find out what the best option is.
  • Unlike other Garrison pets, this pet cannot be caged so you will have to build the Barn yourself if you want it.
  • Leveling the Town Hall to Level 2 automatically teaches you Level 1 Barn, and unlocking the Level 2 Barn takes Spires of Arak or level 98. Level 3 Barn requires 100 and Master Trapper. Fortunately, unlike the last two building related achievements, Master Trapper’s progress is account wide, so you can go farm for your barn with multiple alts.

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