WoW Mounts: Leveling 90-100 Fast P3


Below are a few more things that’ll make things much easier to do this but are not at all required:

  1. Draenor Flying and access to highest WoW mounts flying speed
  2. Any method for increased ground WoW mounts movement
  3. Any de-aggro skill
  4. HandyNotes addon

These are more additional things to take into account ┬áto make everything go faster than they should. As I earlier stated, Draenor isn’t exactly one of the more comfortable worlds to traverse, even with the fastest WoW mounts at your disposal. There are tons of treks and twisted paths that will hamper your race to get as much experience as possible within the timer of your Rapid Mind that simply having Draenor Flying will bypass all of that in an instant.

If you don’t have flying, this can still be done with just regular old running around with your ground WoW mounts. However, it would be advantageous to find something that increases your mounted movement speed on the ground to make it a bit more easier for you.


Having a de-aggro skill can come in handy due to the tons of mobs you may be aggroing due to your running around, impeding you from mounting back up again and keeping up the pace. A Night Elf’s shadowmeld or the innate combat stealth of a Rogue are such wonders to have. If your class or race doesn’t have anything to naturally get out of combat immediately, take to looking at some of the gadgets Engineering or potions that Alchemy have to offer and your ticket may just be there.

HandyNotes and it’s additional addon, Draenor Treasures, is a WoW mod that will reveal all treasures on your world map and mini map, even with side notes on how to get the trickier ones. It’s definitely not a hard requirement especially if you’re one of those players that simply know treasure locations by heart due to playing a lot of WoD, but it will certainly come in handy.

Continued in the next part.

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