WoW Legion: Unbalanced vs. Balanced for WoW Gold Hunters?

With all the updates and info releases on the newest expansion of World of Warcraft, you’ve probably come across a few forums / debates between WoW gold hunters who are stoked at the awesomeness of the expansion and those who are just downright horrified at how unbalanced the game will become. Which side are you on? Find out more about Legion in the article below.

wow gold legion expansion

Why So Unbalanced? WoW Gold Hunters Disappointed!

Damage per second, class rotations, and best in slot gear. WoW has been one of the, if not the most, influential MMOs ever made in the history of gaming. It has become a game of optimization and number crunching. However, the game can be unbalanced at times. Some WoW gold hunters thrive in power. They want to outdamage every party member and acquire every best in slot item before the next patch. Things are about to change in Legion. In contrast to these players, WoW gold hunters who want a balanced game will definitely be stoked.

New Legendary Items for WoW Gold Hunters

Rare world drop items have been given an unprecedented amount of power – that’s a known fact. This time, though, it isn’t the rarity that WoW gold hunters will strive for. It’s the fact that each legendary item has a unique ability. Whereas some legendary items will modify class spells, others will provide damaging auras or give passive boosts that can change the way you engage in combat. Another interesting is, you can accumulate an entire armory of legendary gear, which you can keep for yourself or trade for with players who buy WoW gold. In Legion, your items won’t just give you stats – each piece of gear will fundamentally change your character in some way.

Changing the Game for WoW Gold Hunters

Does this make the game balanced? Quite the contrary. Blizzard now has their hands full to make sure that no item remains unbalanced for WoW gold. Legendary items will destroy the very foundation of DPS ranking. With the addition of items like these, characters are going to be all over the place in terms of damage and healing. The numbers will be so loose, objective number crunching will become virtually impossible!

It’s now up to you whether you consider this good – or bad – news.

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