WoW Gold: Trinity Continuation on Combat Mechanics

Continued from Part 1 of WoW Gold:  A Pro-Trinity Post for World of Warcraft

Obviously, when an instance is tuned in this way, there are a lot of exploits one can do in order to bypass them swiftly. The same can be said about Blade and Soul. Yes, it is, indeed, fun, but the lack of trinity gives no challenge for end game PvE content. How else can the developers tune the instances to make them harder? Without a tank, they certainly can’t increase the damage of bosses if no one can take the average damage a boss from a trinity-based game can do. If someone does get hit by an absurdly strong attack meant for a tank, how can they heal up without a healer? If Action MMO classes had self-healing abilities that could heal through that sort of trinity-tank damage, then the game wouldn’t be balanced when they head off for PvP.

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There’s really no way for a non-trinity MMO to improve the quality of end game PvE at the moment basically of how they set themselves up. I’d like to see the Action-MMO type of combat to be more prevalent in the future, but as it stands now, it turns into a generic, hack-n-slash that requires little to no skill and gets only worse as your gear progresses.

WoW Gold: The Trinity

The holy trinity, on the other hand, along with the tried and tested tab targeting, have become so perfected through the years that it is easy to balance difficult encounters in the end games of MMOs that still subscribe to it. This is especially true for games like WoW, SWTOR, and FFXIV. When everyone has a role, players are compelled to play for the greater good of the game rather than simply zerging a target.

It’s not to say that zerging doesn’t happen in trinity games like in World of Warcraft where it’s so easy to buy gear with purchased WoW gold, but it is less prevalent and less common. It is impossible for this sort of thing to happen in REAL end game content like in WoW, where it is much more important to coordinate as a team. It also becomes easier to point out weaknesses in a group when everybody has their own role to play. Whether it be enrage timer issues, threat issues, or healing issues, it’s easier to pick out the cause of the difficulty rather than just “you didn’t hit it hard enough.”

As it stands, I prefer the holy trinity over Action-MMO standards any day. If only developers are able to create a free-form style of combat but maintain the semblance of order and organization in making trinities work, then I’d be all for that.

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