WoW Gold: Treasure Hunting with Your Garrison

Treasure Hunting, an addition in patch 6.1, is a follower trait very much akin to Scavenging. This increases the gold yield obtained from treasure hunting missions that you can send your followers to do. This World of Warcraft guide will be detailing on how to fundamentally maximize your time and WoW gold profits with this extremely nifty trait.

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WoW Gold: The Hell Does It Do?

The trait, Treasure hunter, is an additive percentage increase to the WoW gold given out as a reward for specific follower missions. If you didn’t get that, this trait adds a certain percentage to the base gold of a mission. The yield is increased by a hundred percent, meaning that if you are on a mission that yields 400 gold, it means that you actually get 800 gold if you have at least 1 follower with a Treasure Hunter trait. If you have all three followers with that trait, you get a grand total of 1600 WoW gold instead. It can be solidly¬†insane.

You can even use the Treasure Hunter trait on a mission that’s already at 100% on your follower screen if you have a spare slot. Let’s say, you’re already at 100% on the first two followers alone, you can put in your Treasure Hunter that won’t affect anything and yield more gold on a mission not focused on WoW gold.

WoW Gold: Obtaining the Trait

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There’s quite a number of ways you can acquire followers with this specific trait.

  • You can randomly obtain this trait from quest reward companions, but it is purely by luck and I know not of any method that can randomize these traits before you get them. An example would be that of Pleasure-bot 8000.
  • You can, however, randomize follower traits by using the nifty Follower Retraining Certificate that can be obtained from the missions, Path of the Titans and Ring of Trials. This can be very risky though, and you may end up with some very undesirable traits that may just ruin your routine with follower missions. It is best to use this on followers that are in need of dire rerolling anyway so as not to affect your day-to-day activities.
  • There’s also another way of rerolling your followers’ traits and that is through the purchase of a Follower Trait Retraining Guide for 1000 Garrison Resources. This is obtained from Sergeant Crowler for the Alliance and Sergeant Grimjaw for the Horde. But keep in mind that this is just as risky as the previous method, so makes sure to only use followers that are in dire need of rerolling or those that won’t affect your day to day activities.
  • Your Garrison Inn, regardless of faction, will offer a random selection of followers every week. Speak to the headhunter NPC to find out if you’ve got any that are useful for the week.
  • A sure fire method of obtaining the Treasure Hunter trait is to recruit Harrison Jones, a random visitor in your Garrison. To be able to get him, he has to spawn in your Garrison and you must be able to finish his tasks in order to recruit him. He’s easy enough to obtain, but the RNG nature of his appearance can be sometimes frustrating. Not only does he have the Treasure Hunter trait, but he also has a Mentor Trait that increases the XP received of other followers with him on a mission, making the training of your trio of Treasure Hunters faster. Do not, under any circumstances, reroll Harrison Jones or risk losing all the good stuff he already has.

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