WoW Gold: Treasure Hunting with Your Garrison Part 2

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WoW Gold: What Missions Should You Do?

  • Combat, Patrol, and, of course, Treasure Hunting missions are your prime targets for sending out your team of WoW gold diggers. Obviously, your priority should always be Treasure Hunting missions because they always yield the most gold at any one time. You only ever go for Combat and Patrol missions when there aren’t any other Treasure Hunting options left and will have a lot of time before the others finish to spawn new ones. WoWHead’s compiled a nifty list of missions you can track and unlock here.
  • Despite what I had just said, non-treasure hunting missions are still capable of giving out a lot of WoW Gold than legitimate Treasure Hunting missions. The Treasure Hunting missions will also only start appearing once you have a level 3 Inn. Keep in mind that it will only be level 100 missions that have the best WoW gold output. Lower level missions can be lucrative as well if there are no other options, but only if you have decked out Treasure Hunting followers.

WoW Gold: The Best Missions for Gold

  • It’s no better time in WoW to be a Mythic progression raider. Without a doubt, the most lucrative missions for Treasure Hunting are the Mythic missions obtained from doing consecutive, weekly, Mythic boss kills in Highmaul, Blackrock Foundry, and Hellfire Citadel. Each mission gives up one thousand (1000) WoW gold per mission completion and you can earn 4000 gold with 3 Treasure Hunters, along with the raid gear you can acquire from them. But, again, this will only be available if you can maintain the Mythic boss kills upkeep for the missions to become available. If you aren’t a Mythic raider, these won’t even be available for you at all.
  • Blingtron’s Secret Vault is a rare mission that nets you 2000 gold with a trio of Treasure Hunters. Unfortunately, since it is a rare mission, you can only get lucky with this once in a while.
  • The Golden Halls of Skyreach is the most basic, highest paying follower mission you can obtain simply by having an Inn. This mission will net you 600 gold with 3 Treasure Hunters.
  • The most lucrative low-level garrison missions (sub 100) are A Way Out (1100 gold) and Fired Up (1000 gold), again, with 3 Treasure Hunters. It’s slim picking in sub 100, but it’s a great way to level followers at the same time on your alts.

Click here for Part 3 of Treasure Hunting for WoW Gold (Coming Soon).


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