WoW Gold: The Dumbing Down of WoW – Instant 100

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The concept of the instant level boost is no foreign concept to MMO gamers this generation. From Everquest to SWTOR, the max level or near max level boost can be found in a lot of games, especially those that have a long history of content already. Not wanting to have new players trudge through old content and leaving a chance they may quit due to the long leveling, most MMOs go for this to ease the barrier-to-entry of their worlds. World of Warcraft, of course, is no exception to this.

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Buy WoW Gold: Game is Getting Easier and Easier

Being one of the longest living, highly successful MMOs in the industry’s existence, it would be logical for Blizzard to instigate an instant 90 option when Warlords of Draenor first opened up. Now, however, with the advent of the instant 100, it makes me question the direction WoW is headed for.

In Pandaria, there was a whole mess of things you had to go through just to reach level 90 from Cataclysm’s max of 85. Story quests, side quests, dungeon runs, and a whole other slew of XP gaining activities were hardly enough to get one to ding to 90 quickly, not to mention the tons of artificial gating that Blizzard put in to limit players from end game stuff. The instant 90 ensured easy access to all the end game essentials with nothing but a confirmation for your credit card.

WoW Gold: Instant 90 and Instant 100 are Different Things

However, I do not see the same kind of viability and merit the instant 100 has in comparison to the instant 90. Warlords of Draenor is a naturally short expansion and, in comparison to Mists of Pandaria, has a shorter spurt towards the last 10 levels against MoP’s meager 5 level difference from the last expansion. This, to me, just looks like the further dumbing down of a once great game to casual levels that I simply cannot take. They could have left the boost at 90 and let the rest work out how to go around WoD in time for Legion.

Welfare epics are fine for me and so are easy mat farming via garrisons. Easy farming of the lackluster raids of late is fine too. They can make the game easier through these methods and I don’t mind. But ensuring the ease of heading for max level, no matter how easy, is just too much for me. At least, the instant max level isn’t something people can pay WoW gold for, or else it would be absolutely stupid. It’s easy to play field with the market to contend with the in-game store price and buy WoW gold instead to get a better deal if that were the case.

Pretty soon, Blizzard’s going to get everyone to pay them cash just so that they don’t  play the game anymore. Here’s to hoping that it changes.

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