WoW Gold: The Content Lull

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WoW Gold: The Twilight of a Young Expansion

Aaaaand here we go again. For folks like me that have to write about the world of Azeroth, it’s normally simple to focus our discerning eyes on topics of interest. But there does come a time, regardless of raid tier, when there simply isn’t anything to talk about past making WoW gold. This topic, while obvious, is a throw away like the many other kinds of WoW columnists, podcasts, content writers, and all other folks make these days. Heck, even gray items are fair game to make content on now. Certainly, WoW has fallen on hard times content-wise, especially more so now that the hype for Warlords of Draenor has died and that the hype for Legion is ambiguous and arbitrary at best.


With Blizzard keeping most of the details on Legion under wraps, players left in Warlords of Draenor haven’t much to do other than grind for WoW gold through various means. What is there to talk about? Even the time limited achievements are so easy to find time to do now due to the lack of anything for WoW in its near future. With repetitive runs at Blackrock Foundry and Hellfire Citadel, as well as those backlog raiding in Highmaul, things to do in WoW right now are few and far between.

Buy WoW Gold: There’s only so much one can do

There’s only so much peripheral activities a player can muster. Mounts, transmog, and achievements will all be obtained eventually or players might even quit before they ever finish any of them. PvP is always an option, of course, but it isn’t something done by everybody in the World of Warcraft. Especially these days where WoW’s combat system itself is under fire for being too archaic in comparison to other games like Blade and Soul, and Black Desert, PvP isn’t as big of a draw as it once was in WoW’s heyday.

There’s nothing any of us can do at the moment other than wait for Legion’s eventual release sometime in 2016. Hopefully, we’ll all see each other in the new expansion before we all get sick of WoW overdose.

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