WoW gold players wanted valuable Anniversary rewards!

wow gold complain

Wow players doesn’t like exp and rep booster… they want wow gold!

Though World of Warcraft giving out 9% exp and rep booster to anyone who will log in game and will get the one hour booster, players are arguing about it. There are players complaining, while there are others who is “thankful” and giving WoW “benefit of the doubt” thing. They wanted to have a more valuable rewards than getting a 9% booster in-game that can also be gold beneficial since they’ll be getting a reputation increase.


In the year 2004, World of Warcraft has been released to the public and didn’t celebrate their anniversary till the 4th year. The 4th year anniversary was a “success” as they gave away a blizzard bear to ALL wow players who will be online. Though the pet cannot be wow gold sell, they still appreciate it as it was not character bound, so they can transfer it to one character to another.


Exp and reputation boost may not be that big but look at the bright side… more gold benefits as it is…


Choosing the right Realm for you and enjoy the wow gold adventure

There are several things to consider in picking your realm; there is SERVER POPULATION and server type (PVP, PVE, and RP) each affects the wow gold player auctions house economy.



In server population, you’ll only see LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH; this indicates general population count of the realm you choose. However, there is no way for you to see the exact number of players on a realm. Take note that the LOW population servers are the servers who are having wow gold player auctions house problems. These kinds of servers sometimes lead on having “Connected Realms




PVE stands for Player Vs ENEMY or monsters

RP are role playing servers.

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