WoW Gold: Leveling in Legion


There are a lot of things that Legion got right and one of those things is the leveling pace. Compared to other expansions, Legion’s leveling is a freaking breeze. However, at the same time, it’s still lengthy enough to be fulfilling to the lore buff or someone who just cares about the story at present in the World of Warcraft. Not only that, leveling through Legion yields a nice lump sum of WoW gold at the end, earned through the many quests one will be doing.

At first, it can seem quite tedious. But that’s only on your first character; it’s always going to seem to take so long. My first character was a warrior that I finished leveling after five whole days. Then right after, my monk and 6 other characters went through withing no more than an hour and thirty minutes per zone.

So, don’t feel discouraged if you feel like leveling your first through the Broken Isles is taking forever. Again, this expansion is the fastest in leveling compared to the earlier ones.


WoW Gold: Good Job, Blizzard

If it’s any consolation, the leveling in Draenor, no matter how horrible it was, has been made to be easier to do now, keeping in line with their “catch-up” philosophy for new players or intermediate players that want to get their alts to end game as well. Of course, having more WoW gold is going to speed up the process even more. Whatever you may choose to level, whether via RaF, heirlooms, xp potions, or whatever else, it’s just so easy to level now that even having only limited time everyday to play, you’ll surely get to 110 quickly.

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