WoW Gold: Leveling 90-100 Fast P4


WoW Gold: The Necessities

Now, as mentioned in the previous parts, this method can be very expensive as it costs a lot of WoW gold just to buy the Elixir of the Rapid Mind. On my server, it is an absolute rarity on the Auction House ever since their extreme rarity as garrison mission rewards when Legion launched. After days of checking my server’s AH, i finally encountered a few entries on it being sold for 11999 on bid and 14999 WoW gold on buyout. Even when people say that the economy in WoW is borked, very few people are willing to buy something this expensive, and even less so due to it being a one-time item. But, believe me, it’s worth every virtual piece of WoW gold you spend. If you find something like this on your AH and have the WoW gold to spend, then I suggest at least going for the bid rather than buyout to save you a bit of cash for down the road. Remember to purchase at least three (3) just to make sure and maybe four (4) if you’re paranoid about making a lot of mistakes.


The next important expenditure, if you don’t have it yet, are to purchase the five heirloom pieces that give experience boosts for the class you are leveling. These pieces cost 500 WoW gold each but initially grant the exp boost to only up to level 60. These can be further upgraded up to level 100 by purchasing the necessary upgrades from your faction’s heirloom quartermaster for 1k for the first upgrade level and a final 2k for second and final upgrade. The five pieces that give a total of 50% experience boost are chest, head, legs, gloves, and cloak. All in all, a full set completely upgraded up to level 100 will cost 17500 gold.

With all these in place, you can start prepping the zones for your fast leveling from 90-100.

Continued in the next part.

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