WoW Gold: Leveling 90-100 Fast P2


The key to leveling fastest in the 90-100 bracket is to utilize the Elixir of the Rapid Mind. This item grants you 300% increased experience for 15 minutes total. With the very short timer this buff gives you makes it look impractical and even useless at first glance. However, it isn’t used in the traditional manner as most would with an XP pot buff like the Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning bought from your garrison quartermaster.

Rapid Mind is only used when you have multiple quest turn ins in a zone, turning them in as fast as possible, as well as gathering as much Draenor treasure you can. Remember that each treasure is basically 1 quest worth of experience, so it’s very important to get as much as you can during the timer of the Rapid Mind buff.


To get into more of the specifics, listed below are things you are going to need to maximize the experience gained from this endeavor:

  1. 2-3 Elixir of the Rapid Mind
  2. Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning (variable)
  3. Full Experience-increasing Heirlooms

The Elixir of Rapid Mind, as to why it is listed as 2-3, is due to the fact that anything can happen on this endeavor. Even when rehearsed, a lot of things could go wrong, causing you to invariably waste precious time on the buff that may even require you a 3rd one just to top off at 100. Mind you, Rapid Mind isn’t at all cheap; these go for tens of thousand of WoW gold, depending on your server, and are, as far as I know, no longer acquirable in your garrison missions. So it is imperative that you can execute your planned path of this flawlessly to avoid anymore unnecessary expenditures of WoW gold.

The Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning is a simpler one to acquire due to it being easily bought from your garrison quartermaster for only 100 garrison resources. This increases your experience gained by 20% overall and lasts for an hour. Get as many as you want and make sure to have one handy in preparation for the prep work for your run.

Heirlooms, if you haven’t been getting/upgrading any of them in the past with WoD, can cost a bit of WoW gold these days. The only ways to acquire the upgrades for baseline level 60 heirlooms are to either do the one-time, per character, random heroic Draenor dungeon quest that award these upgrades, that of which no level 110 can partake in any longer, or to purchase them via WoW gold. There aren’t that many that run these randoms either way, so it may be best to just purchase them with WoW gold. In total, you can, on average, spend up to 30-40k WoW gold. I never said this wasn’t going to be expensive, after all.

Continued in the next part.

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