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WoW Gold: A Long Time Coming!

For years, I never could play human in World of Warcraft. Not because they’re the most vanilla race or that they are just generally boring; but the animations they had have always been god-awful. Most especially awful is the fact that humans tend to run like they have a stick up their asses and need to relieve their bowels full of soft and wet poop. Like, holy crap – no pun intended.

I always wanted to play human on Alliance just for their awesomely awesome racials, but I defaulted, instead, to the undead on Horde for the same reason. Don’t get me wrong, undead animations look like shit too, but at least their rigid and blocky movement are tied to the fact that they’ve been suffering rigor mortis for years, so it was something I could tank.

In fact, the only acceptable animations in WoW up until Warlords of Draenor are from the Gnomes because, well, they’re cute and tiny and I really can’t wrong them for acting the way they act on some skills. However, I hate Gnomes. Sooo…. that was a problem. You could have WoW gold for sale for about a dollar per 1000k, and I still wouldn’t be happy with the animations in the game.


Well, it’s unfair to say that it¬†just happened as this information was available already about a month ago. But most info like this gets under the radar of most folks that don’t frolic in reddit or the official WoW forums.

WoWGold: It’s Reeeaaaaallll!!

BUT that doesn’t matter! It’s finally happened! For years, people have been wailing on and on, specifically, the human male’s running animation. Female human is the same, to be honest, but it was more acceptable on a small and slender frame than it was on the hulking monstrosity that the male one has. Since 2007, when WoW started to become more and more popular, folks have been complaining about it and only now, in Legion, did they decide to fix it.

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Not only that, but they’re actually revamping EVERY animation in WoW. The next exciting thing for me is that they’ve decided to make combat animations looks far more unique than they are now. Frankly, the current WoW animations look like leftover work done by a forlorn animator that couldn’t get any work that got his portfolio recycled by his capitalistic brother. Yes, similes.

I first was disappointed in WoD because, along with the graphical revamp, I had thought they’d be putting the animations in tow, but they didn’t. At least now they put some focus on improving the incredibly stale animations, trying to match up with the glorious visuals of the new generation of MMOs. Good on you, Blizzard for not succumbing to the WoW gold trade trend you were displaying that started with the WoW Token!


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