WoW Gold Journal: Screw the Critics and See Warcraft for Yourself!

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The Warcraft movie has been unleashed unto the world and it seems that it’s been getting a mixed reception. Well, mixed reception from movie¬†critics. Actually, a lot of reviews are incredibly unfavorable for the IP’s first foray onto the big screen and it’s been casting doubt on some people that haven’t seen it for themselves.

WoW Gold: Criticism Bias

But remember that these critics look at these movies through a lens that keeps the plebeian frame of mind, meaning people who don’t really think too much on their entertainment or don’t bother opening up to newer conventions in entertainment. Every movie is going to have their detractors, but many of the reviews are so harsh that it seems like these critics have awkward boners when handing in bad reviews.

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An example of a facepalm-worthy review can be found in the Guardian, a pretentious newspaper that likes to think that the Warcraft movie is all about being Pro-Trump. Truly, a 20 year old story preceding the events of the 2016 U.S. presidential elections is surely a propaganda piece. I won’t spoil anything else; go read for yourself on how off this entire piece of crap is.

There are far more pieces out there that certainly have silly reasons to rate Warcraft so low and aren’t worth mentioning here. And, of course, there are those critics who are a bit more sensible than the others, giving credit where credit is due and criticizing legitimate failures in the movie like this little one here. The best critic, in any case or movie, is always yourself. I’ve personally seen the Warcraft movie and, while it may have some deviations to the story I’ve grown up on, is pretty good. It’s definitely not Deadpool good, but a damn fine fantasy movie nonetheless.

I urge you all to watch the movie for yourselves rather than listening to critics, whether positive or negative. Warcraft has shaped the gaming industry for the longest time and it might be well on its way to influencing fantasy cinema. No amount of WoW gold is ever going to replace your own opinion on a piece.

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