WoW Gold Journal: Afk-ing in LFR Groups

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Don’t you just hate it when some jackass in full Heroic Hellfire Citadel gear throws a HoT at a random raider and auto-follows for the rest of the LFR? Yeah, me too. Since the days of Dragon Soul, where LFR first started, afk-ing in the instance has been a thing folks have done so often. Considering that LFR is stupidly easy that a ragtag bunch of random raiders are capable of steamrolling the boss, it makes one feel that their effort isn’t needed and would instead prefer to kick back for some easy comms or WoWgold.

wow gold, wowgold, cheap wow gold, AFK in LFR

Unfortunately, this can get quite annoying, because the recent LFRs of WoW haven’t really been so simple and it is still quite possible to wipe from a boss in there. It makes it more difficult when not everybody is on board with finishing the instance as soon as possible, with some even thinking they’re too good to help.

WoW gold: To kick or not to kick?

It can be a difficult endeavor to carry a few bad seeds through LFR and wastes everybody’s time and effort. A redditor started a topic on this very same issue and was surprised that almost everybody was in agreement. Granted, who would ever condone such an act in the first place?

One of the commenters succinctly phrased the entire mindset of the afker:

“Nothing says “I’m too good and am trying to get this LFR run over with ASAP” quite like twiddling your thumbs and making sure bosses and trash packs die 5% slower.”

But this comment is double edged – why would anybody even need to bother with LFR?

Simple: it’s part of the progression treadmill. While it has made it easier for folks to get into real raiding, it’s made the treadmill longer, becoming a stringent requirement for anything more serious. Considering that people can get RNG’d badly by their personal loot and rerolls, some are often farming LFR for months with their mains AND their alts, or just looking for stuff to sell for cheap WoW gold. Some do them just for the legendary quest line and don’t even need any gear from LFR. I can imagine that a lot of players are so sick of running those instances that they really would prefer to just afk and let their group finish it on their own. After all, LFR isn’t really THAT hard.

We’ve all done it

I admit it; I’ve afk’d a few times before, but I do believe that that action (or lack thereof, as the case is) has to be punished. Whether by a revamp of the group kick system or a different measure of contribution entirely within the instance, there should be some way to control this. If that won’t work, Blizzard should then try reworking the treadmill again so that folks won’t ever feel so damned obligated to run LFRs all the time. There are a lot of solutions to this, but we don’t know any of the right ones for it. But instead of dedicating their time to time sinks, WoW gold sinks, and pretty much any other content, Blizzard should definitely focus on more QoL improvements to the existing structure.

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