WoW gold Activity for Beginners

wow gold farming


When you don’t have friends that will be able to lend you gold for your start, making your own gold should be start as soon as possible.

Farming – Starting to earn wow gold without help from other people

Farming is not illegal unless you use any third party software; basically farming so much likes grinding. However, farming does not mean you should grind for a certain monster or wow items only. There are different things to consider first before starting on your wow gold activities.


There are 2 keys to consider before starting.

  • When farming, use your profession as the source. When you start killing monsters along the way, you’ll be able to loot wow items that may cost so much gold in the playerauctions house. However, the demand should be consider first to avoid wasting time and effort.


  • Using your collected wow items for crafting. Either you sell the wow items you looted on your farming activities. But crafting it is also helpful for your gold earnings.


  • Monster exp/hp, wow gold and wow items drop. By knowing these information will give you advantages.

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