WoW Gold Farming: Old Instances Part 2

This is the 2nd part of my little guide to farming old instances in World of Warcraft for some of that sweet, sweet WoW gold. Last time, we detailed a bit about Onyxia’s Lair that had only one boss. This time around, we’re taking a look at something a bit more complicated – Tempest Keep.

There are four (4) bosses in Tempest Keep, but you only have to fight two (2) to finish the instance. In the case of most WoW gold farmers in old instances, they tend to avoid fighting High Astromancer Solarian due to some fickle mechanics that can simply serve to annoy the hurried WoW gold farmer. But, in my opinion, it’s still better to go fight her for more items to vendor later on. Burning Crusade items don’t really sell that much to NPCs, but those old raids tend to drop a LOT of them. It still becomes worth it to farm.

WoW Gold: Defeating Al’ar

Al’ar is the first boss you’ll be encountering and can be quite a lengthy fight for the uninitiated. Not because of high health or crazy mechanics, but because of the unavoidable phasing of the encounter. When you first engage Al’ar, head for the leftmost platform (from the entrance) and proceed to bash the crap out of it. At a certain health level, it’s going to transfer to the next platform to the left and so on. As a level 100, you’ll most likely kill it before or by the time it heads for the third platform.

However, the fight doesn’t end there. A second phase will occur and you will have to fight Al’ar at the center of the room as it emerges once more. This is pretty much just tank and spank, so just go nuts. But if it so happens that you can’t down it after a certain amount of time, it will fly up, similar to Onyxia, and spam fireballs, aoes, and adds on you. If you’re not a ranged class, you’ll have to wait for Al’ar to come back down before you can finish it off. This makes it a bit more tedious for players that aren’t that geared. Once he’s down, he drops a lot of loot that you can then sell to NPCs or learn crafting schematics, if any, for transmog and other purposes.

Stay tuned for the next article detailing more on the fight with the Void Reaver, Solarian, and, of course, Kael’thas Sunstrider.

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