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Continuing on through our guide in Tempest Keep for farming WoW gold, we finally arrive at the big boss man: Kael’thas Sunstrider. This guy is no pushover despite your blatant advantage in level. This guy can still be annoying for those at aren’t geared with any Blackrock Foundry equipment in Warlords of Draenor. It’s definitely easier now than it was when I started farming Tempest Keep back in Mists of Pandaria, but even now some of my alts have a difficult time with Kael’thas. When I say “difficult” I mean time wasting.

WoW Gold: The Four Advisors

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Kael’thas has four (4) goons that you’ll be fighting one by one. It is advised that you kill them as far apart from each other to make the 3rd phase run smoother for you. They’re easy to kill, but they can be annoying because before you get to kill them, they’ll be able to throw out an annoying CC at you. You start off with Thaladred who hits hard like a bitch and silences you at close range. He can be annoying for casters and Paladins because of the silence, but he can just taken down with simple normal attacks if you have to. Next, Sanguinar has an extremely annoying fear if he gets it off before going down, making you run six-ways to Sunday for four seconds. Using a CC break or using fear preventive skills can be helpful in avoiding this annoyance. Capernian is the third on your list and, perhaps, the most annoying for melee. She has a stupid knockback that throws you far across the room and slows you in equal measure. If you can take her down fast without using any cooldowns, it would be best because you’ll need those offensives for the phase after the fourth advisor, Telonicus. The master engineer has casts a debuff on you that has quite a long duration. Take into consideration that this debuff has no internal cooldown and can proc to stun you at any time, making it possible for you to be stunlocked indefinitely.

After you take down Telonicus, phase 2 gets you to fight living weapons that Kael’thas summons to attack you. Just AoE them down and then you can then pick up some of the raid-only legendary items that the weapons drop. The only one only worth using is the staff of disintegration so that it protects you from the random debilitates Kael’thas may throw at you and Telonicus’ stun debuff.

WoW Gold: The Hardest Phase

After a good long while, Kael’thas will then revive his advisors to attack you all at once. This is why it is advised that they die far from each other in phase 1 so that they can’t all attack and CC you at once if they’re close. All their annoying CC, while trivial in the 1st phase, can become total bonkers and it will make you go through the slowest damned raid wipe in the history of WoW. IF you equipped the staff of disintegration and used the buff, you can kill Telonicus last. If not, killing him may vary on the class you’re using because there are some classes, like the Paladin and Death Knight, have abilities to bypass all sorts of CC, giving you enough time to kill the most annoying one, Capernian, to alleviate your fight in this phase. Regardless of your personal kill placement for Telonicus, once Capernian is down, it’s best to take out Sanguinar because of the fears or Thaladred because of the silence. But if you killed the latter far enough away, it’s possible to kill the other three advisors before he gets to you because he walks very slowly.

Once they’re all down, Kael’thas will be targetable and after a few more tank and spank phases, he would then go down rather easily. Pick up your loot and hope you get lucky on the Ashes of Al’ar. If not, it’s alright because the real reason your there is to look for great transmog and farm some WoW gold. Remember that raids can be done only once a week but you can do them separately for each character for the loot and extra chances for the Al’ar mount. Just make sure you solo Kael’thas with a relatively geared character because the entirety of the fight is still something to be reckoned with to this day of level 100s.

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