[Advanced] Fast WoW Gold Guide through Farming Grim Batol

You’ve probably tried several other guides on gold farming already, most of them for new content. But for traditionalists who enjoy the old content for farming WoW gold fast and quick, then this might just be the perfect method for you! Find out more about it in the article below!

wow gold grim batol

How This Works: Fast Farming Guide for Advanced WoW Gold Hunters

Note that as this is for advanced WoW gold hunters, the method will work best if you are at Level 90 and also geared with Timeless Isle. It also works when you are a max-leveled tailor for a higher chance of getting extra cloth, you – or an alt – are at max level enchanting to disenchant all of the greens, and have a Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth to sell off vendor trash quickly.

Basically, you need to make the most out of farming the instance Grim Batol on normal by using Potion of Treasure Finding, collecting lots of Embersilk Cloth, and turning it into Bolt of Embersilk Cloth.

Potion of Treasure Finding: Fast Farming Guide for Advanced WoW Gold Hunters

First, you will need to have Potion of Treasure Finding in your inventory. Although you can buy this with WoW gold if you’ve enough to spare, it’s more advisable that you make them yourself with an alchemist. Next, make your way to Twilight Highlands. By this time, you probably should have already unlocked this area when you were leveling from 84 – 85. If you haven’t, you may have to complete the quest chain the quest board gives you in either Orgrimmar or Stormwind. You’ll see on the map that Grim Batol is all the way on the left. Before heading there, set your hearthstone to the closest town to Grim Batol for accessibility. For Horde, this will be Bloodgulch, and for the Alliance, this will be Thundermar. Once outside the instance, make sure you set the difficulty to Normal, as Heroic would be too hard when you’re just aiming to farm quickly.

Farming Grim Batol: Fast Farming Guide for Advanced WoW Gold Hunters

Upon entering the instance, you will see a couple of NPCs with quests. You can ignore them for now, or accept them if you want, but the quest may slow you down along the way since one of them is a mounted dragon quest. Use the Potion of Treasure Finding inside the instance. Try to gather the mobs in one place where you can deal AOE damage upon them at once. This can be done easily with a Level 90+ mage, but for levels lower than that, you may find it a bit challenging. Just take it slower and pick off one pack of mobs at a time. This spot is the best place to farm Embersilk Cloth and the mini treasure chests while using the potion.

Crafting your Items: Fast Farming Guide for Advanced WoW Gold Hunters

Turn your Embersilk Cloth into Bolt of Embersilk Cloth. Go to an enchanter to disenchant your greens for Hypnotic Dust. These two things are what you need to craft Embersilk Bag:

  • 15 Bolt of Embersilk Cloth
  • 15 Hypnotic Dust

If you didn’t get enough greens in Grim Batol, you can create Cata level greens such as Spiritmend Bracers and disenchant them for more Hypnotic Dust. The instance in Grim Batol should be completed at about four times per hour if executed perfectly. Remember to keep your hearthstone set to a nearby town, and don’t forget to reset the instance every time.

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