WoW Gold: Farming for Legion World Firsts

Any world first-wannabes out there? I certainly can’t be the only one. If you’re one very hopeful player in a very hopeful guild that takes raiding competitively, you might want to know a few good tips and tricks while you wait for the next raid tier.

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Racing for World Firsts, Region Firsts, and Realm Firsts are no easy tasks as I’m sure you know. The top dog guilds in WoW take on the monumental task of farming for WoW gold very early on at the last tier of every expansion. Because it’s gold that makes the World of Warcraft go round.

WoW Gold: Got to Prepare

First of all, you’ve got to either know how the auction house works or know some amazing farming spots that you can use to sell the drops to other players, or maybe even both. There’s no¬†easy way to make WoW gold due to the inefficiency of dailies and weekly quests in the game, so you really have to know your economics and the popular items in today’s current build. Auction house NPC parts still go for very high in some servers, but it can be a pain to farm for due to its inherently low drop rate. Selling weapon upgrades could be a lucrative business, but it requires you to keep track of your daily crafting lockouts across multiple characters or else this’ll be a pointless endeavor.

The best way to farm for a shit ton of WoW gold is to do raid carries. Since you, dear reader, are interested in getting¬†Ahead of the Curve in its most literal game sense, I imagine that you already have a guild that’s been running Blackrock Foundry (BRF) and Hellfire Citadel (HFC) non stop for Best-in-Slot gear. If you haven’t then you won’t at all have any chance in competing on the grand stage once raids in Legion go live.

Depending on the difficulty and perks your carries may have, you can earn as much as 250k WoW gold at any one point. But this needs extreme expertise in the raids and your group must be able to handle undermanning them due to the carries. Heck, don’t expect them to help much. Most of the time, they’ll opt to just die somewhere in the corner so as not to ruin the run with their ineptitude.

There’s a lot more to talk about on this topic and stay tuned for next week where I talk about more of it and how you can always hope to achieve some World Firsts or, at the very least, Server Firsts.


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