wow gold earning from monsters and gathering

wow gold earning from monsters and gathering guide will give you an idea on where and what monster to slay for good gold.

Making gold from killing Donais

Trade Prince Donais is one of the residents of Gally Pleasure Palace. If an ALLIANCE player kills him, he will drop a decent amount of WoW gold and he will respawn in just 10 minutes. This is a good way to farm more gold and wow items without bothering collecting some materials or selling some of the materials at the PlayerAuctions House.


In order to easily kill him, a good and decent gear is required. You also need to kill all the palace guards to prevent future problems (the palace guard will come to his aid). You can easily get to Donais’s location just by flying right at top of him. Be sure there’s a few or no horde around the area. In just a one hour of killing him, you can produce a lot of gold just by looting his gold (you can sell his drop at the vendor to gain more WoW gold).


Gathering your wow gold

Players who are starting in game are being encouraged to be a gatherer at first. Gatherers may be spending most of their time to gather supplies and making wow gold out of it, but the reward on this is that you will be able to save wow gold for your future wow account “main character”.


There’s a lot of gatherable in-game such as wow items Leathers, Clothes, Herbs, Volatiles and Ores. Some supplies that you may gather are from mobs; in this case you may get your gatherable, wow gold as well as leveling your character.


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