World Bosses Guide: Drov the Ruiner for WoW Gold Hunters

What’s up, World of Warcraft fans? Time to put your raid’s gear when you buy WoW gold and your skills to the test! For today’s article, we’ll be guiding you through the world boss known as Drov the Ruiner. Read the article below to find out more.

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Introduction – Drov the Ruiner for WoW Gold Hunters

Much like the encounter against Tarlna the Ageless, Drov the Ruiner is a single-phase fight, though not as complex as the former boss. Drov the Ruiner has adds called Frenzied Rumblers, which you will have to deal with as well. The boss spawns in the north end of the Valley of Destruction, in Gronn Canyon, Gorgrond. It’s a very distinctive spawn location: an elevated platform surrounded by giant runed stones—highly unlikely that you’d miss it!

Abilities & Adds – Drov the Ruiner for WoW Gold Hunters

Drov the Ruiner has two abilities that he will use frequently, in addition to his adds’ abilities.

  • Colossal Slamis a frontal cone attack that deals Nature damage to affected players, knocking them high into the air. Any players who are too close to Drov when Colossal Slam is cast will also take Nature damage, even if they are not located within the cone.
  • Giga Smash is an ability that Drov uses to deal raid-wide Nature damage.
  • Call of Earth is used to summon Frenzied Rumbler

Frenzied Rumblers emerge from the ground and deal damage to any players who come in contact with them at such point. After this, they roll around and cannot be tanked, dealing further damage to any players that they come in contact with. Once Drov stops his cast of Call of Earth, the Rumblers re-submerge, only to re-emerge again at random times throughout the encounter. Once the Rumblers re-emerge, they use two abilities to deal damage to raid members:

  • Acid Breath is a simple frontal cone attack that deals Nature damage and leaves behind a Nature damage DoT.
  • Crushing Charge is used to charge forward in a fixed direction, dealing damage to any players in the way and knocking them back.

Winning the Fight – Drov the Ruiner for WoW Gold Hunters

As mentioned above, defeating Drov the Ruiner is quite simple. You just have to ensure that you avoid damage from the boss’ Colossal Slam, and from the Frenzied Rumblers. Spread out loosely; ranged raid members and the healers should be around the boss, while on the look-out for Colossal Slam. Move out of the way when Drov changes where he is facing. Melee DPS players should also move away from Drov once this happens in order to avoid damage that Colossal Slam deals. When Call of Earth is being cast, wait until the adds submerge and just keep avoiding being hit. Drov’s  Giga Smash deals raid-wide damage, so it is simply something that the healers will have to be prepared to handle throughout the fight. That being said, each raid member should keep their guards up, heal with recovery items they purchased with cheap WoW gold, and deal damage consistently. Pretty soon Drov the Ruiner will be dead, dropping a generous amount of loot for your raid.

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