WoW Gold: Class Campaigns and You


One of the most touted features that dropped along with Legion is that of the Order Hall Class Campaign. These campaigns are class-specific quest lines that are enjoyable story lines about the current state of the world of Warcraft, but also serves as a way to unlock special stuff like the third artifact relic slot on your artifact weapons.

However, Class campaigns can be quite tedious as it requires a lot of time due to two elements that all classes have; the order hall missions.

WoW Gold: Maximizing Your Alts’ Class Campaigns

It can be quite difficult to do any of your class campaigns on your alts due to the sheer number of things you can and must do on your main in Legion. To ensure that your class campaigns are finished as fast as possible, remember that there are always 2 portions of the campaign in every class where you will be required to finish FIVE Order Hall missions in order to continue with your class campaign.

These two Order Hall Mission parts essentially split the general class campaign into 3 sections. Ensure that your alts are always updated in their class campaign and get the to the first Five Order Hall Missions portion as soon as possible. This will roughly take you 5 days per mission as you can only do 1 mission at a time and each one can take as long as up to 12 hours.


Once past that part, you can continue on as normal with the class campaign, doing dungeons, random errands, and the whole lot of that, until you get to the second set of Class Campaign Order Hall missions. This marks that you are near the end of the campaign for the character as finishing those missions, along with some other, easier required quests, will instantly make you eligible for the final, solo scenario of your class campaign.

Ensure that your alts are always in those portions before relaxing and going back to your main. Once you finish those missions, that’s when you go at it with continuing the class campaign. A lot of these missions may even net you some WoW gold and tons of Artifact Power in the process, so don’t slouch on it. Get your third relic slot as soon as possible to make your alts as mythic dungeon ready as possible.

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