WoW Gold: Blackrock Depths and Epic Dungeon Design

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A lot can be said when exploring the old areas of Vanilla WoW. It’s not often someone takes the time to go and explore what they have possibly missed in the MMO’s earlier years due to starting on some other expansion like Wrath of the Lich King or Cataclysm. So, when someone does decide to check it out, there are plenty of pleasant surprises during the journey.

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WoW Gold: A Journey into the Unknown

A certain redditor, a player that’s been playing World of Warcraft for nearly a decade, for the first time, decided to go through the entirety of Blackrock Depths. Granted, his initial reason for being there was to farm for dark iron ore play WoW gold market and that alone, he merely decided to make better use of his time and get used to the area he was going to be coming back to for a while.

While there, he came to the realization that, when compared to dungeons found in, say, Warlords of Draenor, Mists of Pandaria, or pretty much any other expansion from WotLK, the dungeon design of BDR is absolutely stunning. The ambition put into BDR is unlike any new generation WoW player has ever seen or will ever see in WoW’s present and future.

wow gold, world of warcraft, wow, wowgold, blackrock depths, reddit

Blackrock Depths is gigantic and grand in scale; it’s a dungeon with so many secrets and content offered that no other instance will ever match. With so many nooks and crannies to explore, one would bet a ton of WoWgold┬áthat it’s all just long corridors and tons of adds to artificially an otherwise barren landscape. You would be wrong.

There’s always the choice of just speeding through the dungeon and completely decimating the adds with sheer brute force, but players back then also had the option of getting some bonus stuff that were very good for its time. Opening prison cells, taking on bonus bosses, learning smelting of ore as profession perks, fighting at the grim guzzler for bonus loot and secrets, and even opening up new paths to bosses that you never knew existed. Perhaps the most interesting thing in BDR is that you could actually swim through the lava, tanking the damage via healer or speedily getting out, and entering the raid, Molten Core.

This was also made at the time where lore wasn’t spoonfed to players and, instead, was served ala Dark Souls through bits and pieces of interactable items that serve as clues or puzzle pieces that fit a bigger picture.

Of course, at the time, people didn’t think of BRD as being too innovative and some even hated it due to its length. The game has improved much more than it has back then, but today’s WoW lacks the same drive, ambition, and dream to create truly innovative content. If only Blizzard knew how to fuse the old generation and new generation of content creation, I think they’ll find a bigger playerbase than they ever had.

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