WoW Gold: Apexis Crystal Farming Guide Part 2

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This is Part 2 of our WoW Apexis Crystal Farming guide. Click here for Part 1.


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Finishing any invasion will award 50 Apexix Crystals and additional 25-100 crystals in your satchel that is dependent on the difficulty it was finished at. All bosses in these invasions drop 75 Apexis Crystals.

WoW Gold: Level 100 Mobs

Apexis gear will drop from NPCs in an “Assault” area if that area is active for the day for either faction. If you are in a raid, they should still drop. However, I can’t advise this due to the slowness of this method. Incidental killing of these NPCs is fine, but there are other ways to better farm for Apexis.

Patch 6.2 introduced a couple of Naval missions that award Apexis Crystals. Those missions are Ru’klaaStorm Front, The White Kraken, and Talk to the Fist, for 1000, 2000, 1500, and 1200 Apexis Crystals respectively.

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There is a Naval Mission skill called Apexis Storm that can buff all missions in a specific area. For one whole day, the missions affected by Apexis Storm witll yield Apexis crystals when finished. There are two available quests that are able to buff missions in the northeast part.

Buy WoW Gold: PvP Quests

There is a quest in the Colosseum event that awards 1000 Apexis Crystals when completed. This is by killing 100 players. There is a weekly version of this after you finish it for the first time called The Bloodshed Never Ends and is accessible from the Level 3 Gladiator’s Sanctum if you have it.

WoW Gold: Securing Draenor Dailies

Your Level 2 and Level 3 Town Hall have a table that offers you a choice between two Apexis Crystal dailies.

  • Daily Level 100 solo quests reward 800 Apexis Crystal, like Assault on Darktide Roost.
  • Daily Level 100 group quests reward 1000 Apexis Crystal, like Challenge at the Ring of Blood.
  • Daily Level 100 PvP quests reward 1000 Apexis Crystal, like Battle in Ashran.

These dailies send you out into a level 100 area where killing various mobs increases your progress completion bar to 100%.

In 6.1, these dailies cannot be completed in a raid group. You can complete them in a party of up to 5 players. While there are fewer people and killing mobs is slower, you get more credit per mob than if you were in a pre-6.1 raid group with many people.

You can complete additional Town Hall dailies by picking up Scouting Missives for dailies for Garrison Resources. These are needed for Securing Draenor for Draenor Pathfinding. These alone will be able to net you an amazing amount of WoW gold when converted.

More on the next part.

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