WoW Gold: A Pro-Trinity Post for World of Warcraft

The Holy Trinity (Tank, Dps, Healer) has been part of the MMO gaming culture for as long as WoW has existed, popularizing the concept even though it never started it. One cannot deny that, because of World of Warcraft, most MMO gamers are used to this concept and expect it in most games wherever they tread. With the release of Blade and Soul in North American and European territories, coupled with the fast approaching release date of Black Desert, a lot of anti-trinity talks have been revitalized.

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Some say that it is an archaic concept that should stay in the past and developers should embrace the future as one belonging to Action-MMOs. But is the Hack’n’slash truly the future of all MMOs?

WoW Gold: A Lot of Disadvantages

I’m sure that a lot of us are already familiar with games like Dragon Nest, TERA, Guild Wars 2, and, of course, the newly released Blade and Soul. Some less popular Action MMOs like Onigiri and Echo of Soul also share similarities with the aforementioned titles. If you aren’t familiar, mechanics in PvE for these games, with the exception of TERA, don’t have any real roles of sorts and are played purely by reflexes. Yes, there are some healers and there are some tanking aspects involved, but none of them play in the same sense of a standard holy trinity.

While these sorts of mechanics are fun, they aren’t at all balanced. It’s true that the game is far more exciting when hard-dodging and skill-shots are involved when taking down a strong opponent. I will admit that it takes a lot of skill to take down these bosses when you’re still starting out, but it becomes just as “easy” as the ease of the Holy Trinity that people complain about.

A good example of this is how the dungeoneering in GW2 was basically abandoned due to stupid mechanics. Parties can all just go in those instances and simply smash face the fastest way possible with their hurtiest attacks. Through sheer volume, a party can easily derp an entire dungeon without as much as paying attention to boss mechanics because they are tuned for parties that DON’T have the trinity mechanic.

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