WoW Gold: A Community Untainted

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Video games are usually regarded with a quiet scorn by the mainstream, non-gaming populace. It’s a pastime, a short gig, a hobby, something you never take seriously, or whatever they want to regard to it in that effect. A few people, however, know how therapeutic and rejuvenating video games can be and it’s even used as a coping mechanism for tragedies that would otherwise destroy the regular human psyche.

WoW Gold: A Loving Community

It’s a story not too strange to find these days, but still heartwarming considering how toxic and cynical the common WoW population is these days. A redditor had just recently lost his father and thanks Blizzard and World of Warcraft to being there in his time of need. No, those two didn’t really help in a literal sense, but they both served their purpose to help a fellow gamer down in the dumps to rise up from the terrible feelings one would have to endure in that situation. I’m not saying that he’s a heartless asshole that decided to play an MMO and farm for WoW gold while his father was dying in the hospital; I mean that WoW was his coping mechanism that helped him stay strong for himself and for his father.

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But I don’t simply mean that entering a fantasy world to ignore his present day problems was what helped him out. It certainly wasn’t only the escape from reality; it was the people that he played with that supported him through his plight. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of folks in WoW are sensible people that are just as human as you or me. I could say a ton more about it, but this little anecdote from one of the kind folks that replied on the original reddit thread speaks volumes about what I mean:

Hey man, just wanted to send you some good energies. I lost my dad to cancer too, and during the time he was really sick/in hospice, I’d spend my ‘off shifts’ playing WoW as well. It was such a great way to distance/distract/relax so I didn’t have to think about things.

I was in a new guild at the time, and I just kind of let them know “Hey, I won’t be making it to raid for a bit.” Someone nudged me for info, and the whole team had my back to help me catch up once I returned. That guild was basically my second family for a long time.

Hugs. This community can be pretty great sometimes. We’re here for ya.

Take whatever WoW gold you wanted to use to bet against a great community and shove it. WoW’s community is┬áthe best place any MMO enthusiast would want to be in.

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