wow celebrates Pilgrim’s Bounty with new cooking quest and wow gold benefits

“Even during hard times, the Pilgrim’s Bounty celebration emerges across the lands of Azeroth, bringing with it the opportunity to reflect and give thanks for the nourishment the land has provided.”

-a wow gold inspirational word from Blizzard

The beauty of sharing food and its wow gold attribute

Pilgrim’s bounty is a celebration where wow players get together; most likely it’s sharing of foods and chatting with friends. This celebration starts from November 25th to December 2nd. The feast is being held near major towns by sitting at a bounty table. All the foods you’ll found there were crafted by the players that will give you boost especially for wow gold hunting.


Crafting food within this period will give you a quick and easy way to level up cooking. However, only the players of Mist of pandaria are entitled to this cooking boost. If you wanted to get the booster as well you need to purchase the bountiful Cookbook for wow gold.


You gained fast cooking experiences, getting reputation, wow gold benefit in the future and sharing with other people…


Essence of getting guild and wow gold preparation for the upcoming WoD

The upcoming expansion pack of World of Warcraft: Warlord of Draenor will have new zones and monsters; to better deal with these new and exciting updates is to have a guild to battle with you. Aside from having an extra storage (the guild storage) you’ll be able to borrow wow gold and other items whenever you need some. Having a guild will make your game experience both enjoyable and wow gold beneficial.

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