What banks can do aside from keeping your wow gold

Banks doesn’t always mean that its only wow gold that you can store…



Bank roles other than holding your wow gold

Unlike other MMO, world of warcraft’s bank is linked to the player auctions house; it can hold both your wow gold and wow items while your sales’ profit will go directly to your bank.


Benefits of Bank:

Saves time. Banks are being linked to each town that has bank npc, so no need to go to your home town just to withdraw or deposit your wow gold and wow items.


Player Auctions house just a snap of your fingers. All the wow items that you got from your travel that you don’t need can be wow gold sell and goes directly to your bank. If the bank is logged in you may send the wow items you just bought from the player auctions house directly to the characters you wanted to have it.


More things to know about banks and maximize its use for your wow gold

Bank helps you expands your storage room. As you level up, your needs your character needs increases and as the activities your character is doing in-game such as crafting wow items. Crafting requires storing lots of materials and wow gold, so you may be required to buy BAGS to increase your storage.


Craft and trade wow items materials share. Wow items and wow gold can be shared by the character that is in your wow account. Wow items that can be shared or stored on your banks are the characters that are non-bound.


GUILD BANK is additional Storage. Getting a guild bank may cost you few wow gold but it’s worth it especially if you’ll be hunting for wow gold income.


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