Want to be a DPS? Be sure to check this out and be successful in getting wow gold (#1)



Effective DPS earns more wow gold

Though DPS deals with great damage, DPS role in a dungeon errand can be replace easily as there are lots of DPS that can fill the spot; while for Tanker and Healers is the other way around. Though bring lots of food buffs will cost you big wow gold spending, it is a “must” for you since you’re not priority for the buffs. Good thing this is that you’re not that busy and will still be able to loot more wow gold and rare items.


How your manners affect your performance and wow gold

Everyone in the party has their own roles and responsibility; by not playing your part, it will affect other people’s mood and their desire to finish the dungeon. The annoyance may lead to leaving of some party members and might lead it to disbanding of the party and you won’t be able to finish the dungeon and waste the wow gold. So MIND YOUR MANNERS.



Know your place

There are classes in world of Warcraft that can have dual or triple roles. Like druids, they can also play as tanker. Druids have several skills that can boost up defense and attack of a character. Though Druids have several booster skills, spending wow gold on food buffs

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