Undefeated UFC Champion Bantamweight loves to play and wow gold game

Undefeated UFC Champion Bantamweight Ronda Rousey loves to play and wow gold game. Bantamweight consider herself a nerd as she loves playing pokemon related game and used to moderate a forum regarding the said game. However since she had herself into a training camp to be her dream UFC fighter she stopped some of her hobby and daily routines.


How Bantamweight handles her time for wow gold adventure

According to the champion Ronda Rousey, she doesn’t really have time to play much game anymore as she used to. She may have left some of her hobbies and interest such as pokemon but then she uses her “recovery time” on playing world of Warcraft and reading Game of Thrones Novels.

Ronda Rousey maybe a little bit too late for the latest happening in-game but then especially now that world of Warcraft is more and more improving, she may enjoy it a lot. With the new updates from the latest expansion warlord of draenor, all her stress from the boxing might relief a bit since world of Warcraft now a days is a good place to stay in.


Rousey is a 28 year old American mixed martial artist, judoka and actress. While in UFC women’s division she is announced as the first who have the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion and currently undefeated on this field.


Back to the game, she got interviewed and discussed about her playing world of Warcraft. You may see the video down below.


She claimed that she started as a night elf hunter when she was filming the movie the expendables 3 released in year 2014. Aside from the night elf hunter she also tried out the class, blood elf rogue, a druid. According to her interview she likes the mount, costumes or the outfits of the classes. Currently she’s focusing on her night elf hunter and got her character a flying mount which amused her. With a little time of her playing world of Warcraft, she is still able to get enough wow gold for her character’s needs.


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