Too Much WoW Gold for a WoW Token

The WoW token’s been causing a big stir since it came into existence and it is steadily rising in price. A lot of folks are flushed with so much WoW Gold that, from day 1, there were some stories about some players even subbing a good five years-worth of game time. While the token was made available starting at 30k WoW gold, the prices have since then greatly varied due to supply and demand forces.

I remember a time when the WoW token was at about 15k at one point that it actually became cheaper to buy WoW gold from a third party site because it made the subscription cheaper. But as Warlords of Draenor drones on into an inescapable oblivion, players aren’t all exactly thrilled at the content lull while waiting for Legion, confining themselves into getting richer through whatever means.

About a month after the WoW token came out, subscriptions for WoW itself dropped by millions, though that is also partially caused by the innate lapse in content as people were already getting Blackrock Foundry on farm. It only got worse when folks found out that Hellfire Citadel was to be the last raid of the expansion.

At this point, not many folks actually had any choice other than to farm their garrisons to a breaking point in order to come up with an “F2P” WoW forever, at least for their accounts. A lot of WoW gold is also being made by guilds that have sapped the content in the game so much already that the full Mythic carries are already being sold faster than anticipated. Some of these runs can reach up to a thousand dollars depending on the package that the carry purchases.

While dailies aren’t exactly a good way to farm WoW gold, these other mentioned activities like garrisons, playing the auction house, and selling carries are enough to inflate the economy to make the WoW token very expensive for in accordance to the average wealth of a region. Right now, the WoW token sells up to 36k WoW gold in North American servers and way more in other regions like Korea where it sells up to a whopping 180k gold.

Geez, I thought the WoW token was a bad idea from the beginning and now I can see that it’s worse than I expected. It’s made a lot of players focus more on wealth, like an Asian grinder, rather than how it used to be in the past where it was all about raiding and PvP. Sure, that shit already happened even before the WoW token, but the attitude has been becoming more prevalent everyday.

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