[TIPS] Pairing crafting profession to make more wow gold (Part 2)

Know the compatible professions for your wow gold sell.

wow gold tailoring

Image Source: WoW Official


Gathering and crafting skills combo for more wow gold sell

In everything aiming for the “combo” DOES benefit a lot; in world of Warcraft, if your gathering and crafting skills matched, it will give you more gold sell.



– Skins are being dropped with gold from the monsters you kill.

– When pursue for leatherworking, it may help you save more gold in buying your armor and gives you big wow gold sell.



– Selling the gems you gathered can give you decent gold sell, but pairing it to jewelcrafting will able you to make necklaces and such.



– Can be used to craft scrolls, glyphs, Darkmoon cards, and epic items like Inscribed Red Fan

– Glyphs are very wow gold expensive


First it was trademarked in New Zealand and Australia, now its United States and Europe. Exciting as it sounds but the wow players are very much interested since CC and level/wow gold capacity is going to increase.

BlizzCon is near… Answer for the hype will be revealed… more wow gold on the way!

It is more than a week since the hype on Blizzard’s trademarking “warlord of the draenor” began. The trademarking started in New Zealand and Australia; now United States and Europe has been trademarked as well. Publishers such as IGN and JOYSTIQ will cover up the BlizzCon and get the answer for the wow gold satisfaction of the players.


Few more days and the topic is still hyping and truth will be revealed soon… BlizzCon! Here we come! New race! New level cap! New wow gold cap! Plox!

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