Tips on Looting Top Shelf Gear in WoW

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Whether you are a WoW Veteran or new to WoW, the gear grind is all the same. All players need items, of course, to disenchant, to sell or to use. However, it’s not advisable to roll ‘need’ on all loot, just because you want selling fodder. So here are a few tips on looting.

Looting Modes

Looting as a solo player is generally kill a mob, get its loot. In parties, however, it is a more complicated matter. Party looting has several modes, depending on the whim of the leader.

  • Free for All: any player in the party can loot any corpse. Great for helping lower-leveled players.
  • Master Loot: a designated player will gather all the items and announce each one. Others can roll for an item by typing the command /roll. The one with the highest roll value gets the item.
  • Group Loot: items above a designated threshold are rolled for; items below that threshold are distributed round-robin
  • Need before Greed: characters can’t roll need on a piece of equipment they can’t use, giving characters who need the item automatic preference.

Players can roll for an item in four ways: Need, Greed, Disenchant, or Pass. Need means you are going to use it in 1-2 levels, and that it is an upgrade for you. Greed is for an item you want to sell or give to an alt. Disenchant only appears if someone in your party has an enchanting profession high enough to disenchant it. If you don’t want an item, you pass.

Some Warnings for Gathering WoW Items

If nobody rolls Need, the highest roll value among the Greed and Disenchant rolls wins the item. When a Disenchant roll wins, the item is automatically reduced to some components. So if you rolled Greed and you really wanted it, tough luck. Also, rolling Need for every item will get you branded a ‘ninja looter’ which is disliked in any party.

Always remember to communicate with your party and research ahead. These will help you gather the WoW items you want, without causing much trouble for your party. You can ask your leader for more in-depth looting etiquette as well as how raid or world boss looting is different.

Enjoy gathering your Wow items!

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