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A lot of players have had trouble with taming a spirit beast called Gara, which is why for today’s guide, we’ll walk you through the process! Taming Gara takes you across all of Draenor, and it’s kind of like a mini class quest without actually categorizing itself under a quest. It’s not to be taken lightly of, though! A good deal of effort went into creating this event for WoW gold hunters!

wow gold gara

First Things First for WoW Gold Hunters

We know you’re excited. Aesthetically, Gara would be a wonderful addition to your collection of pets so it’s pretty natural that you’d want to get Gara as soon as possible. Still, certain preparations must be made and requirements must be met. You must first be at Level 90+ and you must have the Beast Mastery spec for this to work, since Gara is a spirit beast. Also, ensure that you have decent equipment at least; if not, you can just purchase some with cheap WoW gold before heading on.

Step 1: Mother Om’ra for WoW Gold Hunters

If you have the Beast Mastery spec already, an option with (Beast Mastery) should be visible. Choose to scratch the wolf behind its ears, and that’s that for the first part. What now? Luckily for you, you won’t have to run around trying to figure out what to do next.

Step 2: The Shadowberry for WoW Gold Hunters

You have to search for a nearby rare, Mother Om’ra, who will drop an item called Shadowberry, once you defeat her. Return to Gara. At this point, a new dialogue option should appear. Gara will sniff the berries, and it’s time for the next part, which is kind of tricky actually since many players often miss this important part—the Spirit Effigy.

Step Three: Constructing the Effigy for WoW Gold Hunters

It took a while to discover this to be the missing link, but yes, the Spirit Effigy has something to do with this quest. You must first create this item; however, it won’t be an easy feat. You might want to stack up on items when you buy WoW gold, because you will need to go all across Draenor to collect a few items:

  • Crude Effigy— Drops from Drywind Bonepicker in Gorgrond.
  • Wooden Bowl— Drops from Gorebound Legionnaire in Talador.
  • Elder Incense— Drops from Sethekk Prophet in Spires of Arak.
  • Small Fruit— Drops from Warsong Marauder in Nagrand.
  • Torn Cloth— Drops from Necrophyte in Frostfire Ridge.
  • Ancient Bone— Drops from Thunderlord Giantslayer in Frostfire Ridge (go inside Grom’gar).

Once you have all these items, you use the Crude Effigy to assemble the Spirit Effigy. Now head back to Gara!

Step Four: Using the Effigy for WoW Gold Hunters

With the Spirit Effigy in your inventory, a disturbed grave appears back in front of Gara. Use the effigy on that grave and Mother Om’ra will be summoned. There will be a dramatic dialogue here, but it doesn’t end there. There will be a battle afterwards, so be prepared!

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