How to speed up your level and earn wow gold at the same time (Part 3)



Mob Farming is to Rare and Rare is to wow gold

Farming doesn’t always mean the one who you use macro with but it refers to a repeated action of killing monsters from a certain spot. The difference with Farming and Grinding is that in grinding you the player doesn’t care about the wow item or gold, in farming you picks everything.


When farming in dungeons or certain places; there are small chance that you’ll be able to get rare items that can be sold in the player auctions house for a really vastly amount of gold. Rare doesn’t always have to go to a spot with difficult monster but it depends on the drop rate of the rare wow item. Wow gold drops quantity depends on the level you’re in and depends the monster.


Whenever you get a rare item you should see if it should be really for your character to avoid wasting it. Rare items are character that binds upon using. If the item cannot be use by your character then selling them to the player auctions house is considered to get more gold.

Aside from wow gold, there are seasonal rewards can be get from Feast of Winter Veil

Winter veil started and will end on the 2nd of January 2014. This event has been announced by blizzard last December 13th; while most of the players are excited “veterans” aren’t thankful as they seems as they claim that it’s the same as last year. While scribers, would like to write scribes to send out to their friends, though it will not be paid for wow gold.


The event is being held within the most Major Cities (with decorations throughout Azeroth, Outland, Northrend, and Pandaria).  There are special quest that gives out seasonal quest rewards and wow gold. One of the special quests has been revealed to include rescuing Metzen the reindeer and finding a lost shipment of holiday goods. The rewards include seasonal items, costumes, consumablesA Frosty Shake and more wow gold.



The wow gold feast of winter veil includes set of achievements such as “A Frosty Shake

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