Rogue Class Overview for WoW Gold Hunters

Rogues are dangerous killers that lurk in the shadows. They kill their prey with swiftness and precision and vanish just as quickly. These heroes are the deadly assassins that show no mercy. If you like to sneak up on enemies and deal tons of burst damage to kill unsuspecting prey, then the rogue class is perfect for you.

rogue class for wow gold hunting

Rogue Class: A Background for WoW Gold Hunters

Rogues are melee fighters that weaken foes with powerful combos before performing the killing strike. They are often the initiators in team fights leading with attacks from the shadows, taking enemies by surprise. They may even dip their blades in toxins that create lethal effects on their foes. Rogues have three different ability specializations to choose from namely: Assassination, Combat and Subtlety. Assassination mastery specializes in toxin infused blades to poison and cripple enemies before the killing blow; Combat mastery excels in agility and dexterity with swift combinations of spells and strikes to weaken enemies; Subtlety abilities master the art of surprise attacks from the shadows and are perfect for ganks and ambushes.

Rogue Class: Lethal Assassins from the Shadows for WoW Gold Hunters

Rogues deal powerful burst damage to enemies and have the advantage of the stealth ability that enable them to hide in the shadows and sneak up on their prey undetected. They can also develop the ability to detect traps that may serve as a valuable ability during quests in particular dungeons or PvP against skilled hunters. Rogues are known for their swift entrance and initiation of fights, fast lethal combo attacks, and their ability to vanish into the shadows to escape.

Rogue Class: Weapon of Choice for WoW Gold Hunters

Daggers are the weapon of choice for Rogues. It is light, small, and deadly. Perfect for quick close ranged stealth attacks. There are certain abilities that require a combination of particular daggers for your main-hand and off-hand slots. Higher leveled daggers deal much more damage and are ideally equipped in the main-hand slot. Different kinds of daggers are available to cater to the needs of your rouge and may be acquired when you buy WoW gold.

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