[Guide] How to Obtain the Restless Shadeling for WoW Gold Hunters

Halloween’s over and done with, but today’s guide will highlight an Undead pet that will haunt you long after the Hallow’s End decorations have been put away in World of Warcraft—the Restless Shadeling! Pets are creatures that WoW gold hunters can summon or tame at any point in the game, similar to that of mounts and companions. Find out more in the article below!

wow gold restless shadeling

More about the Restless Shading for WoW Gold Hunters

The Restless Shadeling is a wild pet that’s one of only a handful of pets with a unique spawn mechanic, which makes it a great addition to your growing collection of pets, or can be sold for a decent amount of WoW gold if you wish. Note that it will only begin to spawn each night at midnight (Pacific Time, +7 GMT) and will continue to slowly re-spawn until 9 A.M.

Locating the Restless Shading for WoW Gold Hunters

According to the Pet Journal, the Restless Shadeling spawns somewhere in Deadwind Pass, which is true for the most part. To find this pet, you’ll need to seek out the Master’s Cellar, an underground portion of the zone. There are two entrances to this cellar, both of which can be found in the ruins just outside of the entrance to Karazhan. Locate the large intact house; in the dilapidated buildings immediately next to it are stairs leading down into the basement.

Restless Shadeling Abilities for WoW Gold Hunters

The Shadeling is a solid all-purpose Undead pet. Its main utility is found in its last slot, in the form of Phase Shift. It’s a full dodge move, which makes the Shadeling exemplary at countering big threats. If your opponent doesn’t have a single big burst move to counter, a swap to Death Coil can lend the Shadeling some longevity. This longevity is also boosted a bit via Plagued Blood, though without some damage over time or multi-hitting moves, this won’t be quite as helpful as it could be. Death is a weak DoT that would increase Plagued Blood’s healing, but they share a slot, so you’d have to choose wisely. Most of the Shadeling’s damage moves are centered in its first slot, Shadow Shock, which is a no-frills Undead nuke.

Arcane Blast will scale upward each time you cast it, and the Shadeling’s sole Magic ability. Due to its scaling nature, it may deal more damage output, especially when combined with the other healing abilities the Restless Shadeling brings to the table.

That being said, the Restless Shadeling is a worthy pet to obtain, especially for WoW gold hunters who are slowly growing their pet collection. Otherwise, this Undead friend could either sell for a good deal, or be purchased when you buy WoW gold.

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