Removing wow gold malware tutorial


Removing fake curse client that steals wow gold

Since World of Warcraft Warcraft is one of the biggest MMO in the market, it’s one of the targeted games by the hijackers and that may have interest on the wow gold and other valuable of each wow accounts. Recently, the WoW team was able to see how to remove the malware that has been stealing each computer’s account information.

Removal Instructions:

Download AutoRuns:

Run Autoruns.exe

Find Disker & Disker64 in the list. Uncheck the boxes on the left for each line, then right click each, and select “Delete”.

Download ProcessExplorer:

Run procexp.exe

Under explorer.exe, you should see a rundll32.exe under it. There may be several, so find the one that when you hover over it, the popup text says “Disker” and/or “Disker64”. Right-click the rundll32.exe, and select “Kill Process”, and click OK.

Download SuperAntiSpyware:

Uncheck both options in the bottom left, and click Express.

After it installs, close it.

Navigate to the


folder, where “name” is your username.

Right click w_win.dll, and select “SUPERDelete File Removal”. It’ll bring you to a screen askign if you REALLY want to delete the file, and to type YES. Type YES.

Do the same for w_64.dll.

Reboot normally and it should be gone.

Uninstall SuperAntiSpyware, and delete processexplorer & autoruns.

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