Remembering My WoW Account. The Good Days.

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It’s been awhile since I logged in my WoW Account and to be perfectly honest, I miss the game. There is none to minimal problems when it comes to the wrongs in the game thus it still dominating the MMORPG wars. I just had to part with World of Warcraft because of real life responsibilities. But when I am thinking of going back, something deters me. Sometimes I wonder if there is at least a reason for this deterrence or there are so many that I just don’t want to acknowledge it and erase the whole idea of going back. Maybe it’s the thought of I have to start learning the game again? Argh so much things to think about!

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WoW Accounts: Let’s Talk About My WoW Days

As those thoughts just bring stress and negativity about World of Warcraft, I began thinking of the happy days I spent playing the game instead. I started playing World of Warcraft when it was Mist of Pandaria already. Yeah I know, I’m not a pioneer or an early player of the MMORPG but I can say I played the game to the fullest as I played more than twelve hours a day, every day. That was when I had no responsibilities and all I did was eat, play and sleep. I had eleven characters, all geared and were raid ready. The only class I didn’t have was the hunter for there were so many hunters already in the game and I really disliked going DPS in WoW. It was either I tank or heal, nothing else. I remembered that I never let the week pass by without having all of my healer classes run Siege of Ogrimmar. I didn’t let my lockouts of my healers be wasted and not get gears. I really disliked the fact that raids had to be at least ten man because I didn’t have nine other real life friends playing the game. I had no set raid team and had to PUG every time I wanted to raid. Wow. I can’t believe I joined random people’s raid team and finish those runs. For me it was quite an accomplishment.

There are more memories I would like to share since I already began this reminiscing with you guys. I will continue more of those fond memories on another time.

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