Rare Spawn Guide: Karr the Darkener for WoW Gold Hunters

There are different powerful rare spawns throughout Draenor that drop valuable items, treasures, and sometimes even pets or mounts. Karr the Darkener is an example and defeat of which is an excellent way to earn a lot of WoW gold! He is, however, quite hard to defeat so if you think you got what it takes then read on below.

Karr the Darkener

Karr the Darkener: A Background for WoW Gold Hunters

Karr the Darkener is a level 90 rare mogu spawn and Pandarian champion. He can be located in Terrace of Gurthan in the Dread Wastes, east of the Forgotten Mire and usually spawns between two Ancient Guardians. Beware, as these guardians will attack and protect Karr once he is engaged in combat. This rare spawn is tanky and requires players aiming to defeat it to not just attack blindly but to use strategy. Karr is very powerful and can be deadly with just a few lethal blows if not handled right. His drops may include valuable items such as Imbued Jade Fragment and Mazu’s Robe. Imbued Jade Fragment gives you the ability to summon a pebble like combat pet called Grinder and can be sold for over 5k WoW gold. Mazu’s Robe is a cloth armor that can provide up to 1940 armor and may also be acquired when you buy WoW gold.

Karr the Darkener: Abbilities and Information for WoW Gold Hunters

  • Dark Bolt is a skill that shoots enemies with a Dark Bolt and can inflict up to 35% weapon damage.
  • Shadowbolt can deal up to 200% weapon damage as Shadow damage. It has a slightly lengthy cast of 1.8 sec cast to give you a small window of opportunity to dodge and a 5 sec cooldown to watch out for.
  • Voidcloud damages 10% of its enemies’ maximum health in Shadow damage with damage over time effects every 1 sec and an area of effect damage to all targets in a 5 yard radius. As powerful as this skill can be, it has a lengthy 3 sec cast time so use this to your advantage.
  • Unstable Serum stuns nearby enemies for a long 5 seconds.

How to Defeat Karr the Darkener for WoW Gold Hunters

Karr the Darkenner is a powerful creature than can inflict a lot of damage. The key to defeating him is to dodge and interrupt his skills so that you can last long enough to kill him. You can interrupt his Shadowbolt during a 1.8 sec cast time frame so you have to be quick. Move away from Voidclouds as quickly as you can as they are area of effect skills. Be careful not to run too far away from him, though, as this might prompt the battle to reset. It also helps to clear away any adds from the battle area first before engaging Karr.

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