Protect your wow gold and other account information from hijackers

Usage of internet is very risky, especially when you don’t have enough security on your computer. Malwares are the one that you should be looking after since they are softwares that are being injected to software to gather computer’s information secretly. Just like what happened to world of warcraft some week ago, the game was targeted by the wow account and wow gold hijackers.



Increasing your wow gold protection of malware

There is certain malicious software that are being installed on your computer that you’re not aware of or your antivirus cannot find. Some week ago, wow players got their wow account hijacked since they installed a fake curse client. These player got the fake client from googling “curse client” and was directed to a fake curse website. This lead their account information sent to the hijackers and rips their account’s wow gold hacked.


Blizzard was able to provide a solution to the community on how to remove the said malware. Wow team, claim that they may help the players to retrieve the wow gold and other valuables to them.


Here is a check list on how to protect your wow gold computer from hackers.

Install antivirus and antispyware programs from a trusted source

Update software regularly

Use strong passwords and keep them secret

Never turn off your firewall

Use flash drives cautiously

Don’t be tricked into downloading malware

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