List you need to check to protect your wow account and wow gold

World of warcraft is the one of the top pay to play in the market of MMO, with this reason, many players are trying to hijack other’s account to gain more wow gold for themselves and to make real money. Other than that, there are also other information on your computer

wow gold race

Things to check for wow gold protection and others

Just like what happened few months ago, there has been a distribution of fake curse client that started hijacking sensitive information that is stored in your computer. Aside from the said information, they were able to hijack their target which is wow account and rip all their gold  and wow items.


Below are certain tips you need to remember:

Install antivirus and antispyware programs from a trusted source

Update software regularly

Use strong passwords and keep them secret

Never turn off your firewall

Use flash drives cautiously

Don’t be tricked into downloading malware



Racial traits that will wow gold benefit

There are several game system being updated and added on the upcoming expansion, while there are also in game system that will be removed at the same time. With the news and updates roaming around the net, we can see if this will be more exciting and that is worth spending all the wow gold that has been stuck on our level cap.


The Racial traits that gets the changes are:

  • Blood Elf
  • Draenei
  • Dwarf
  • Gnome
  • Goblin
  • Human
  • Night Elf
  • Orc
  • Tauren
  • Troll
  • Undead

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