[Part 2] WoW Legion: Unbalanced vs. Balanced for WoW Gold Hunters?

The second part is up! With all the updates and info releases on the newest expansion of World of Warcraft, you’ve probably come across a few forums / debates between WoW gold hunters who are stoked at the awesomeness of the expansion and those who are just downright horrified at how unbalanced the game will become. Which side are you on? Find out more about Legion in the article below.

wow gold legion 2 upd

Big Changes Coming for WoW Gold Hunters

Other the changes for legendaries you can get in the game for cheap WoW gold, one of the main pulls Legion is the artifact progression. If the sheer mechanical overload that legendary gear will bring isn’t satisfactory enough, then perhaps artifacts and their progression trees will be enough. While players will undoubtedly have to fill out these weapons, the amount of modifiers each of the classes and specializations will gain would prove difficult for the developers to balance. You can just purchase artifacts when you buy WoW gold, optimize it with your gear, and viola! See, the possibilities are just endless. Whether this ‘breaks’ the game for new fans and old fans alike, we’ll have to wait until we get our hands on the expansion.

But that’s not all.

Character Classes, Revamped for WoW Gold Hunters

Yep, character classes are getting overhauled as well. Class diversity will make it so damage and healing meter performances aren’t the only factors to consider to make a class matter. This means added utility, and the value of a class might be in its provision of a debuff, buff, damage, and healing altogether – or any other mechanic that the rest of the classes cannot apply. By having classes contribute to the party in different ways, a new form of balance comes into play.

World of Warcraft: Re-Conceptualized for WoW Gold Hunters

As you all may – or may not – know, World of Warcraft isn’t a great game because of the number crunching and character optimization. It’s made great because it feels like an adventure where your character gradually grows in strength. That’s why it has lasted for so long, and for some, WoW still reigns supreme over all other MMOs. So what do you guys think of these drastic changes? Are you game for it or does it make you want to quit playing?

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